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Our main site is www.bunkai.co.uk. That's where you can find our range of Karate Kata Bunkai DVDs, Books, and Downloads.
On this page we share the video clips about practical applications to moves from Karate kata. They are a taster of what is on the DVDs. Over the years we have featured our core concepts for Kata bunkai, examples of various moves, and answered viewers' questions.
Karate-do is The Way of the Empty Hand.
Kata are the formal exercises practiced in that tradition.
Bunkai means analysis, and most people take it to mean application.
Truthfully, Oyo is a better term, meaning use or apply.
Our Oyo features realistic responses to the common types of physical attack. They are used close-in, and they happen to look just like the moves from traditional Karate kata.
These are part of what we are discussing in the Bunkai Strategies Newsletter. This is a free subscription for our readers and viewers.

Bunkai Strategies has been running for a few years now, with more than 300 videos to view.

Our archive of video clips for last year can be found here ! Also 202220212020,  20192018 , 2017, 2016 is available, and here for 2015, here for 2014, here for 2013 and here for even older.

Of course, these are only snapshots compared to what is available on our DVDs, Downloads, and in our Books.
The most recent DVDs from John Burke (me) can be found here.

This year's videos for 2024 are to be found here:
Each week we have the free clip here, and the expanded and enhanced version is emailed to Bunkai Gold subscribers as a download for them to keep.

Week 26

Kanku Dai and some versions of Kusanku use a different move from each other after the initial movement.  Here's how they can be used to do the same thing...

Week 25

Half way through our 2024 collection, and this week we're using the opening "salutation" from Kanku Dai/Kusanku as our example... 

Here's the 2024 playlist:

Here's the Webinar hosted by Russell Stutley on Youtube, in case you were unable to join us live:

and here's the interview for BujinTV:

Here's the playlist from the rest of the year 2022 so far:

Here are some cool books:



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If you would like to Download and keep our video clips for your collection (and possible portable viewing), then we have the following available:
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Bunkai Strategies 2014 week 1-50 just $50 for over 4 hours of footage about core principles.

Bunkai Bootcamp 2013 Rough Cut (3 hours 27 minutes of tuition from 4 days of teaching principle after principle) $125

B.A.M.A. Seminar 2013 (weekend course tuition by Neil Ellison 5th dan sensei, John Burke 5th dan sensei, & Martyn Harris 5th dan sensei - Xing Yi, bunkai, and Kempo principles in action) $29.95

Heian Bunkai Workshop Roughcut video footage from 18th January 2014 available now at $29.95

Pressure Points in Kata Bunkai 1 hour video download now available at $24.95


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 The videos on this page are copyright John Burke 2014, 2015,2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 & 2022.
They are produced for the sake of education about the possibilities contained within Karate Kata with relation to self defence. They must not be construed as advice as to what is legally or morally acceptable in any particular part of the world.
As always, martial arts training should be undertaken with the guidance and oversight of a qualified instructor.
Demonstrations shown here are not shown at full speed and power, and the distances have been exaggerated to allow the viewer to understand what is happening.
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