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Effective application of Karate Kata for self defence videos available without charge.  This gives you an idea of the sort of thing that you can see in our Kata Bunkai DVD and book ranges.
This is where you can find direct links to the Bunkai Strategies Newsletter video clips.  Older clips can be seen in the Archive here.


Principles to apply to your bunkai.

You can see our free clips on our Youtube channel
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If you would like to Download and keep our video clips for your collection (and possible portable viewing), then we have the following available:

Bunkai Strategies 2012 (Complete - 34 video clips)   $10
Bunkai Strategies 2013 week 1- 50  just $29.95 for 4 hours of footage

Bunkai Bootcamp 2013 Rough Cut (3 hours 27 minutes of tuition from 4 days of teaching principle after principle)  $125

B.A.M.A. Seminar 2013 (weekend course tuition by Neil Ellison 5th dan sensei, John Burke 5th dan sensei, & Martyn Harris 5th dan sensei - Xing Yi, bunkai, and Kempo principles in action)   $29.95 

If you would like to see earlier Bunkai Strategies clips, dealing with other moves from kata, they can be found on our Archive page here.

bunkai video available

The Bunkai Strategies Newsletter 2012 video clips are available to download for $10.  There is over 90 minutes of footage that you would then have on your pad or pc whether you were online or not.  
Never run out of bunkai ideas in class again.  

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 Having instructors who did not profess to know it all, and teachers who encouraged John Burke to experiment and train in different styles and methods gave him the ability to recognise the core of the arts rather than the peripherals.  Thus, the applications shown here are useful no matter what style of Karate you train in or which group you are a part of.

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