Previous episodes of Bunkai Strategies:

Here are some previous episodes of the Bunkai Strategies TV series.  Some people use these to teach a technique or a principle to their students each week, or just to examine part of the art for themselves.  Remember, it's not about one particular technique, but a principle that you then apply to every move you know.

If you would like the Bunkai Strategies Newsletter 2012 videos as a download (over 90 minutes of tuition) you can get it for $10 here:

or you can watch them for free here while you are online.

Here is 2012's crop:

Effective application of Karate Kata for self defence videos available without charge.  This gives you an idea of the sort of thing that you can see in our DVD and book ranges.

Here are some clips from 2011:


And here is some footage of other things which fall into the Archive Bunkai Strategies category.

This is the Martial Arts Show 2011 at the Birmingham NEC:
You can tell that the venue was very noisy.  Even with a microphone it was difficult to be heard, so apologies for the background noise.  Demo:


Footage from one of the free Workshops that John Burke sensei taught: 

and how about these old trials from the Bunkai Strategies free e-mail Newsletter:still available at the site

You can subscribe to John Burke's Youtube channel by visiting the page.  Make sure you hit "Like" and "Friend" too!

oyo karate kata bunkai here

The Bunkai Strategies Newsletter 2012 video clips are available as a download here, for only $10.  There is 90 minutes of tuition to store on your pad or pc, whether you are online or not:

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